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Silk Scrunchie Small

Silk Scrunchie Small

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Our silk scrunchies are made from 22 momme mulberry silk and naturally dyed in Raglan, NZ from locally grown and ethically foraged botanicals. Silk is 100% natural and hypoallergenic, and wonderful for the skin and hair.

Why hair loves silk:

Silk hydrates the hair and makes it less brittle by locking in hydration, keeping strands long and healthy. This makes silk unique because other fabrics, such as cotton, absorb the hair’s natural hydration thus leading to breakage. Silk also reduces friction. Friction from fabrics like cotton is what causes split ends, breakage, and knotting of the hair.


100% mulberry silk in 22 momme density.


50cm x 50cm

Care information

Care for botanically dyed silk is similar to with any silk. Please hand wash with cold water, absorb excess water with towel if necessary, and line dry in the shade. Do not wring or use synthetic detergents.

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