About Us

At Silk Alchemy we believe nature connection sparks an innate nostalgia in all of us, a feeling of belonging, love, connection, ultimately what we are all “seeking” in this journey we call life. However many modern luxuries ironically take us farther away from our true nature, from ourselves and others. Silk Alchemy aims to reconnect us back to the natural world through fashion, lifestyle, and sustainable luxury. We are weaving heritage and craftsmanship with contemporary style, to bring you timeless pieces made to last a lifetime.

All RTW is hand-dyed with locally grown botanicals, MTO is designed and made by a Raglan-based fashion designer. Our jewellery is forged from sterling silver and 14k gold, inspired by the sea and bush and made here in Whaingaroa | Raglan.

Silk Alchemy is redefining sustainability and luxury one alchemical creation at a time.